Olen aina rakastanut majakoita. Miksen siis kuvaisi niitä? * I´ve always loved lighthouses. So, why shouldn´t I take photos of them?

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Bovbjerg, Tanska / Denmark

The lighthouse on Bovbjerg Cliff is a landmark of the west coast of Jutland. Sailors are unlikely to mistake it for the whitewashed churches in Ferring and Trans as the red lighthouse is 41 metres above sea level.

Dating from 1877, the 26-metres tall lighthouse was the first in Denmark to have adjoining quarters for the keeper in a three-winged horse-shoe shape. Initially, people were wary of building lighthouses because they thought they may lure passing ships too close to land.

Bovbjerg Lighthouse was the first of a network of lighthouses between Hanstholm and Esbjerg, and the risk of shipwrecks declined further when steamers and later motor ships became common.

Via www.kulturarv.dk

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